Treatment For Nearsighted And Farsightedness

Finding a good astigmatism treatment solution really depends on what your personal circumstances are and how severe your astigmatism symptoms are. Also known as nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia), these are the most common terms people also use to describe their particular astigmatism.

There are many options to help with astigmatism, you obviously have the choice to wear glasses or contacts, have expensive lasik surgery or try a solid natural solution for general eye problems which we recommend. So why do we recommend this natural approach and how is it beneficial to you? There are many reasons for this and we will be explaining them throughout this article. But first lets take a look at your options on finding a lasting solution for your astigmatism and go through each option and weigh up the pros and cons.

Glasses and contact lenses are  the first thing anyone with astigmatism tend to go for and yes these options do work for many people but surprisingly it’s  a limited solution and not cheap. It means an expensive and ongoing prescription of glasses because you’ve been told you may need to wear glasses for a very long time, quite possibly all of your life. This is why astigmatism glasses is expensive in the long-term as there are on going costs.

There is strong scientific evidence that suggests that wearing glasses can cause your eyesight to become weaker. Contact lenses and prescription glasses refract light differently into your eyes therefore what you end up seeing is a distorted view of the world. So as a long-term solution it is limited to the current prescription you have. Your eyesight has the natural capability to see much more clearly than you allow yourself to believe.

Let’s take a look at laser surgery, probably the fastest yet most expensive treatment for myopia and hyperopia problems. What many people fail to realize are the significant side-effects caused by this risky approach.

Yes there are many stories out there of the dangers but we don’t want you to think the natural approach we recommend is the only choice you have for your astigmatism problem. At the end of the day it is a choice and it’s your eyesight. So how exactly  does lasik astigmatism surgery work as a paid for solution?

Well it goes something like this.

The surgery procedure  involves using a suction ring to hold your eyeball still. Then a surgical knife is applied  to cut open a flap in your outer cornea. And then if everything has gone to plan a computer-controlled laser is implemented to accurately reshape the  internal part of your corneal lens. Even though the surgery is not painful you will agree it is a tad gruesome! If you are willing to go “under the knife” so to speak, for your astigmatism problem, and if you choose this route  then you are a brave soul.

What is the aftermath of lasik surgery? Some patients have been reported as doing fine at the time during and after surgery but alarmingly there were reports of disturbing side effects in some cases. Most notably cornea damage, cornea nerve damage, and a reduction in cornea cells. This has lead to blurred vision and it has been reported that dry eye syndrome has been left as a permanent scar.

If you are willing to pay nearly over $2,700 for this astigmatism treatment option that is obviously a choice you will have to make. But there is no 100% guarantee that this approach will cure your astigmatism permanently and you must take into account the side effects that can develop from this.

There are number of good eye-exercise programs out there which can help your astigmatism in a much more natural way. Before we recommend a program for your needs though you should try to understand what exactly eye-exercises  are and how and what is required from you to actually do them.

At most to be successful with a natural eye exercise program you need to be patient and diligent and stick to a course of action to see real results. And the results can be surprising and very worthwhile.

Eye exercises involve training your eyes, for example when you go for an eye test and look at the eye chart you are asked to read the letters from a certain distance to the best of your ability. Eye exercises takes this simple exercise process to a whole new level with varied individual eye exercise techniques that you can almost do anywhere. Nothing physical is required to put internally or externally around or in your eyes. It’s a completely natural and safe alternative to treating your astigmatism.

A number of well documented programs which we recommend have been developed over the years by Dr Janet Goodrich, all of her eye improvement programs and guides are detailed and comprehensive which support the unique and remarkable eye exercise techniques created in 1880 by Dr William H Bates, an ophthalmologist himself.

Myopia And Hyperopia 100% Natural Treatment

Taking this wealth of knowledge and enhancing Dr Bates’ original methods. The programs teach you step by step to give your eyes powerful eye exercise sessions so that they can heal naturally by themselves. Therefore it’s the perfect 100% natural treatment solution for not only astigmatism, but many common eye problems such as, presbyopia (old-age sight), strabismus (cross-eye) nearsightedness, and farsightedness as we’ve mentioned.

The Programs Covers these areas:

* Relaxing eye exercises
* How to avoid straining your eyes
* How to determine if your eyes are strained

* Quick methods to relax your mind and body
* Proper way to protect your eyes from damage
* How to reverse visual defects

The methods are all natural, safe and are not difficult to do. Once you master them they will become part of your daily routine, all you need to do is find the time and actually follow the steps. The programs can be applied by people of all ages and genders so there are no real restrictions.

If however you suffer from a very severe and irreversible eye problem then the programs may not be for you and you may need specialist treatment and knowledge for your particular eye problem.

Not only do the techniques cover astigmatism issues but within the program modules there is a lot of information regarding eye-exercises in general to improve your particular problem. The program and the methods it utilizes for astigmatism treatment are one of the best on the market for this.

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