What Causes Astigmatism And What Can You Do About it?

The 5 most common astigmatism causes are one of the first steps to identifying the problem if you are suffering from it. You may also have heard the terms myopia, presbyopia, nearsighted and farsighted which all come under the one term of astigmatism. Let’s begin with a quick overview of astigmatism before we explain the 5 most common causes of it.

One of the most common vision problems experienced by many individuals is astigmatism. Astigmatism is an eye condition that commonly shows blurred vision as its primary symptom. This optical defect is due to the inability of the optics of your eyes to focus at a point object from which a sharp centered image on the retina can be established.

Astigmatism is an eye condition that can be corrected with the right astigmatism correction techniques, so there is no need to worry if you have developed this problem. Unless the problem is severe then you may require  lasik astigmatism surgery.  Now, before you go ahead and apply a suitable astigmatism treatment, it’s necessary to understand first what the main astigmatism causes are so that it’s easier for you to choose the right treatment. Sometimes it can be that your eyes just need a good rest from overlong activity from computer desk work or reading. So a less intensive approach may be needed.

5 Common Astigmatism Causes :

• Astigmatism Causes -1 Hereditary factors- The main reason why astigmatism develops is because it can be hereditary and passed on from one generation to another generation. It could be that you have acquired this problem from one of your parents with a history of astigmatism. Sometimes, this particular eye problem is present at birth. kids and infants too can develop astigmatism and not just adults.

• Astigmatism Causes – 2  Eye injury- Another reason why astigmatism can occur is because of a recent eye injury or damage you’ve suffered from it as a consequence. Everyday accidents can happen and sometimes even eye surgery could be the main culprit. Eye surgical procedures do not guarantee successful results all the time and in worst cases, you could develop other negative side effects like temporary blindness and permanent blurred vision.

• Astigmatism Causes – 3  Nutrition deficiency- Your eyes also need the right amount of nutrition in order to keep them healthy and strong. Individuals with poor nutrition and who do not follow a proper balanced diet are the most prone to the occurrence of eye problems such as astigmatism. It’s essential that you consume healthy foods that include vegetables, fruits,fibre and fish, as these foods can aid in improving your eyesight and is one of the best and natural ways to fight astigmatism and various other eye-related problems.

• Astigmatism Causes – 4 Lack of physical activity- It is a known fact that the body needs regular exercises to make it strong and healthy. This also applies to the eyes. When the body is fully active the heart pumps blood to all parts of your body, including your brain and eyes.  The blood carries essential minerals and vitamins directly to your eyes through the blood vessels, supporting your eyes muscles and your retina. Just having a brisk walk of about 30 minutes a day can do wonders for your eyes to protect them from astigmatism.

• Astigmatism Causes – 5 Bad habits- Most people are born with normal eyes, and in general, vision problems are most likely to  develop when you age and grow older. But  another cause of eye problems that can develop astigmatism are bad habits. Individuals who are smoking, taking drugs, consuming alcoholic drinks have a tendency to develop astigmatism, even spending too much time at the computer playing games can become an addictive habit. For as much as possible you want to pay attention and take notice of your daily routines and pick out the habits that are harming your eyesight. Use your own best judgement.

These are just a handful of astigmatism causes although there are many others. It’s necessary to understand the primary cause of your particular astigmatism so that you can have most appropriate treatment. Be mindful though, not everyone suffers from the same levels of astigmatism . There are various levels of severity, and usually, the optometrist can recommend the right treatment for you based on how intense your eye problem is. If your condition is at its worst you may have to undergo eye surgical procedure.

Now, when astigmatism is not that severe, it is not advised to resort to extensive eye surgery. There could be various negative side effects that could occur and even pose a potential health risk to individuals. The best way to treat many but not all astigmatism causes is by applying safer alternatives such as natural remedies. These treatments are 100% natural; therefore, they are extremely safe to employ for many astigmatism causes.

Here Are Some Natural Remedies To Treat Astigmatism Causes:

• Herbal medicines- There are many herbal medicines that can effectively treat astigmatism causes. Some of these herbs include rose water, lime, gingko biloba and ginseng. These herbs contain healthy and healing properties that are truly effective in curing astigmatism symptoms. But do your homework before applying as some herbs can be overpowering.

• Acupuncture- Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese therapy that could also treat astigmatism causes. The reason for this is that acupuncture can strengthen the liver and boost the energy imbalances. It has been believed that vision problems usually develop because of liver that fails to function properly.

• Yoga- Yoga is a relaxation therapy that will allow the eyes to relax its muscles. This is one effective way to exercise the eyes, most especially when they are strained. Aside from achieving a healthier eye and better vision, yoga is also perfect to relieve stress and fatigue. This therapy is truly calming and relaxing and is one of the best ways to alleviate problems stemming from astigmatism causes.

• Adequate nutrition- Nutritionists and eye doctors would encourage people to get a substantial amount of nutrients, which are necessary for the health of the eyes and its proper functioning. Nutrition required are protein and Vitamin A. Protein are commonly found in eggs, fish, poultry and meat. Vitamin A can be obtained from yellow fruits and vegetables like banana, lemon, and mango. Carrots can also provide proper eye function.

• Live a healthy lifestyle- The simplest way to overcome and prevent eye problems just like astigmatism is by living a healthy lifestyle. Now, it is essential to stop all bad habits because they can trigger eye problems, as well as illnesses and ailments. Instead of having these habits, change them to good habits. Eat healthy, exercise regularly and have a positive mind.

These are the natural ways to help treat astigmatism problems. By applying all these techniques, you can be rest assured to live a healthier life with  better eye sight. When you can see clearly, you can appreciate the beautiful things that surround you. This way, you get to appreciate your life better.

The eyes are some of the most vital organs of the body that must be taken care of properly. People need eyes to see well, read properly and appreciate the colorful things life has to offer. Indeed, it would be very difficult to do these things with poor vision.

Astigmatism is an eye defect that when it is not prevented to develop, it can be corrected. Do not be afraid to visit your eye doctor at the first sign of an eye problem so that your eyes can be diagnosed immediately so those astigmatism causes can be treated much more effectively.

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