How to Correct Astigmatism

Finding the right astigmatism correction solution is something that should not be rushed. Depending on your own individual circumstances and how severe your astigmatism is it’s best to weigh up all options available and then decide on the best treatment for you. It really is time well spent that can save you many hours of headache if ending up with the wrong type of treatment that you’re uncomfortable with, and quite possibly long-term damage to the eyes. If you desperately need a solution to severe astigmatism then read on as we discuss further down a 100% natural solution that comes highly recommended.

Before delving into the top 4 astigmatism correction options let’s take a step back and  try to understand the condition of astigmatism.

Astigmatism has long been a difficult and common vision problem that affects millions of people all over the world. It’s also known as myopia and hyperopia which means nearsightedness and farsightedness. Many individuals do not take this eye condition seriously, thinking that it is not that severe, but this problem could eventually lead to blindness when left untreated. In addition, astigmatism could really cause uncomfortable and inconvenience to people, which will greatly affect their lives. So finding a good astigmatism correction solution should be a high priority on your list.

What is astigmatism then? Astigmatism is an eye defect, wherein the vision is blurred because of the inability to create a focused image on the retina of the eyes. Individuals suffering from this eye condition usually experience blurry vision, headache, eye strain and are sensitive to light. This eye problem does not just affect adults, but it could also develop in children and infants at an early age.

As soon as astigmatism symptoms are experienced, it is recommended to apply the appropriate techniques and methods, in order to correct the eye defect. There are different astigmatism correction techniques to apply, and the method would depend on the preference of the sufferer. However, the eye doctor would also advise the most suitable technique that would best work for the patient. But in the end it’s still up to you.

4 Astigmatism Correction Options:

1) Eyeglasses- Eyeglasses are the conventional manner of correcting your astigmatism and various other eye problems for many. This method has been long used by most individuals who are suffering from eye defects. Corrective eyeglasses are considered the most common method of correcting eye problems, the reason why they are chosen by most people.

2) Contact lenses- Contact lenses are the innovative way for astigmatism correction. Toric lenses are specially designed contact lenses intended to treat astigmatism. It would be the optometrist who will usually choose the most appropriate contact lenses for each patient, to ensure that the lenses will effectively correct their astigmatism problem. In addition, contact lenses are much comfortable to wear, as compared with eyeglasses because they are worn inside the eyes.

3) Eye surgery- The most effective, yet extensive myopia and hyperopia solution is eye surgery. However, this treatment is only applied once the astigmatism problem is severe. The surgeon will restore the normal curved shape of the cornea, in order for the patient to see clearer. One of the most popular eye surgery methods is lasik surgery, which is a fast and convenient way to correct intensive eye problems. This method is costly, so sufferers must be financially prepared before undergoing the procedure and it is the most risky as dangerous side effects are very common these days from astigmatism surgery.

4) Eye Exercises – The safest and most inexpensive way that does take time in the beginning but completely eliminates the above three quicker but unnatural methods. This natural astigmatism treatment is gaining in popularity as more and more people are looking for safer and low cost methods for naturally treating their eye problems with safe eye exercises.

Dr Janet Goodrich is an advocate of eye exercises and the long-term benefits they have for patients. Her own program was developed and inspired by Dr William H Bates 1880 methods for eye exercise techniques that still work today. With almost 30 years of experience she has used this knowledge to design courses and write books on vision improvement. Today her daughter, Carina Goodrich continues to improve on her work and together they have created a variety of programs that have helped many thousands of people from around the world to improve their eyesight. You can read more about this resource and how it could help you by visiting the site below.

Alongside the resource above you can also use the different astigmatism correction methods to apply here, in order to correct and treat your astigmatism. Usually, sufferers have the choice as to which method to utilize, but it is also essential to consult first with a professional eye doctor. Before applying a particular astigmatism treatment method, patients must undergo a series of eye tests to determine the severity of the astigmatism.

Now, if you are someone suffering from astigmatism, or you have a family member that suffers from this condition, it is essential to opt for a corrective method that is not just effective, but it should be safe. This means that you should either go with eyeglasses or contact lenses, instead of eye surgery. Eye surgical procedures may be effective, but it is also associated with various negative side effects as mentioned before. So you need to tread carefully.

The Pros And Cons Of Astigmatism Correction Methods:

It is essential to understand the pros and cons of each astigmatism method that’s pointed out here so let’s begin with eyeglasses so that you know what to expect from choosing this astigmatism option method.


• Eyeglasses – Eyeglasses are a quick and efficient method as compared with any other eye correction options. If being practical is what you are mostly particular with, eyeglasses are a excellent choice.

• Eyeglasses are remarkably easy to wear- Eyeglasses are obviously easy to wear than contact lenses. When you feel that your eyes are tired, you can easily remove the eyeglasses so that you can relax your eyes.


• Eyeglasses can easily break- It is essential to take good care of eyeglasses because they can break easily. Make sure that you do not sit on them, or drop them on the floor.

• Eyeglasses cannot be worn conveniently in outdoor activities- Eyeglasses are not appropriate to use during extreme outdoor activities such as swimming. It would be quite impossible to swim underwater with eyeglasses, not that anybody with common sense would.

• Glasses require cleaning every time- Since eyeglasses easily fog, users must clean them every time.

• Eyeglasses limit the natural ability of your eyesight to look beyond your current prescription. This is where eye exercises have a distinct advantage over glasses as natural techniques train your eyes to look beyond the limits set by glasses. This is a very important point that should not be taken likely.

Let’s go to contact lenses. Many individuals would utilize contact lenses because they are much more convenient and comfortable to wear. For others, they would opt for contacts because they want to look stylish and glamorous.


• Contact lenses provide a almost near perfect vision- When wearing contact lenses, you would feel like there is nothing wrong with your eyes. This can boost your inner confidence and make you feel a lot better. Contact lenses are perfect for individuals who are sporty, since they can see clearly and comfortably without the need for eyeglasses.

• Contact lenses provide no distraction in viewing- Another advantage of contact lenses is that they allows users to see without any distractions.

• No weight obstruction- With contact lenses, there is no weight blockage when viewing which you find when wearing glasses, In addition, there is no uncomfortable feeling when it slips down the nose.

• Contact lenses come in different colors- Contact lenses are truly fashionable and trendy, which allows individuals to look more attractive.


• Contacts tend to move out of place- At times, contact lenses have the tendency to shift out of their place, especially when not positioned properly or due to intense physical activity

• Contact lenses could cause eye irritation- Lenses can develop eye irritation, and the bacteria could cause severity to the eyes. This may happen in the beginning but after wearing them for a while your eyes can gradually become used to them.

• Contact lenses must be maintained and changed regularly- Contacts are easily prone to bacteria and harsh elements from the weather, so they must be maintained well.

Let’s take a look at eye surgery an expensive but nonetheless a quick and fast solution for severe and intense eye problems that can help you if you have limited time on your hands and if you are really fed up of your current predicament.


. Eye Surgery -Fastest method for astigmatism correction there is.

. Eye Surgery-Results can be seen within days sometimes in hours.


. Eye Surgery – Very expensive and there are no 100% guarantees of the outcome.

. Eye Surgery – Patients can develop irreversible side-effects making their vision worse.

And lastly let’s examine the natural method of eye-exercises for myopia and hyperopia. As mentioned before it’s a treatment that’s gaining in  popularity and is being utilized by professional doctors like Janet and Carina Goodrich in their 100% natural eye improvement programs. There are many advantages of eye exercise methods for astigmatism problems but we’ll stick here with just a few to understand the basics.


. Eye Exercises – The safest of all the astigmatism correction methods here.

. Eye Exercises – Inexpensive with no ongoing charges like prescriptions.

. Eye Exercises – Very few side effects if any – 100% natural results


. Eye Exercises – It does take time in the beginning to learn eye-exercises.

. Eye Exercises – Depends on your own learning ability and patience

. Eye Exercises – Not a quick fix like surgery or glasses

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the most common nearsighted and farsightedness correction techniques available today. They all have positive and negative sides, so it would be up to you, as to which option you would want to choose.

Remember that each astigmatism diagnosis is different according to your own personal circumstances so it’s up to you to decide on which route you want to take for your astigmatism correction. We hope the information provided here is of benefit to you.

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