Laser Eye Surgery Astigmatism Risks

Before we discuss the 5 high risk dangers of astigmatism surgery it’s important to know exactly what astigmatism actually is. Astigmatism is a refractive error of the eye that is caused by the curvature of the cornea, or distorted eye lens. Individuals suffering from this condition commonly experience blurry vision and are unable to focus their eyes on a particular object. Also known as myopia and hyperopia, farsightedness and shortsightedness.

The great news is that astigmatism can be corrected with the right treatment or astigmatism surgery depending on your individual circumstances. There are so many astigmatism treatments to find and apply, and they typically include eyeglasses, contact lenses, eye-exercises and astigmatism surgery also known as lasik surgery. All of these techniques can certainly help sufferers overcome their astigmatism, but of all these options which do you think is the safest method? Well let’s find out.

Astigmatism surgery may provide the fastest solution to astigmatism, but it can also cause various side effects to individuals. Any surgery procedures are extensive, so it could place the person’s health at risk during and after the procedure. There is always no assurance that the actual surgery will really result in an ideal result. One time or another, individuals who undergo such treatments have to deal with the after effects, good or bad to some degree.

If you are strongly considering lasik surgery, it is necessary to become knowledgeable about the procedure so that you know what to expect from it.  It really makes no sense whatsoever to dive into something that has the potential to damage your eyesight for life without having at least some basic knowledge on the subject.

Here are 5 Potential Risks Of Having Laser Eye Surgery

1. When the surgery is not done properly, there is a possibility for the patient to become blind permanently. Lasik surgery utilizes laser to reshape the corneas, and with just one wrong move, your precious vision can be damaged instantly.

2. You can also develop irregular astigmatism after undergoing the procedure. Unfortunately  this type of astigmatism is not treatable with contact lenses and eyeglasses. This means that sufferers with this condition may have to deal with blurry vision for the rest of their lives.

3. Another danger of the  lasik surgery procedure is that it could trigger multiple visions. The effect of this is the same with the images produced when crossing the eyes. This complication can terribly affect the vision and will deteriorate gradually. It can be difficult or almost impossible  to focus on one particular object.

4. Lasik surgery could also cause dry-eye syndrome. You may experience eye itchiness and irritation on a regular basis. This problem can be alleviated by applying eye drops. This is just a mild side effect of lasik surgery, but it can bring intense discomfort to sufferers. The drying of the eyes commonly happens during night time where you would have to wake up in the middle of the night just to apply eye drops. There is no guarantee that after the procedure of astigmatism surgery, you will instantly have clear vision. At times, you will still need to use eye glasses and contact lenses, in order to see clearly.

5. Your night vision can be impaired when lasik surgery is implemented. This means that you may not be able to drive to your full capabilities during the night because you will have a difficult time struggling with impaired night vision. You may even see halo effect around the lights, which makes driving even more dangerous. This could just be temporary, but it could take several months maybe even up to a year for the vision to become clear again after the surgery.

These are just some of the most common dangers and risks associated with lasik eye surgery. This procedure may promise positive results from the outset, but treading carefully and finding out all you can before you  take this step is essential. You may even try to talk to someone who has had this surgery and ask them about their experiences. Using your due diligence is time well spent.

At least, you now have a basic understanding of  lasik astigmatism surgery and its potential dangers, and what you could expect from this treatment if you do decide to go ahead with it. As this is a very general guideline it’s still advised to do your homework and research all aspects thoroughly until you are completely satisfied.

Astigmatism Surgery Or Natural Treatment?

In today’s world where science and research development continues to grow with every passing month, sometimes weeks where new information is available almost instantly, it’s not necessary to choose lasik surgery as the only solution to correct your astigmatism problem. There are other natural remedies and techniques you can apply, that are not just effective, but most importantly, they are much safer and will not cause any negative or tense side effects. In addition, they are relatively  much cheaper in cost compared to  surgery or any other surgical procedures involving the eyes.

Here are some of the natural alternatives to astigmatism surgery:

• Healthy and proper diet- This astigmatism treatment is based on following a healthy diet. It is recommended to consume foods that are rich with nutrition and antioxidants, as they can fight near and farsightedness. Some examples of these foods are cabbage, peppers and berries. Fresh carrots or carrot juice are also excellent food to ingest because they can help improve your vision.

• Herbal remedies- Herbal remedies are made of 100% natural properties that are safe to treat your eye problems. Some of these herbs can be applied externally to the affected area of the eyes to relieve the itchiness and pain. And many herbs can be formulated together to create a powerful remedy that can be be sipped in a form of a tea. Rosewater and lime juice can be applied to the eyes almost every day.  Just remember, although a majority of these herbs are safe they can sometimes be too powerful in their reaction to your body. You should consult a experienced herbalist if you are serious about this natural method.

• Regular eye exercises- What most people don’t realize is that their vision can be improved by applying proper eye exercises. Try to exercise your eyes and you will eventually notice a gradual improvement with your vision. You can see better with regular eye exercises and there are many good programs out there available to teach you this. Like the one by Dr Janet Goodrich who’s programs don’t involve any kind of surgery at all. All you need to do is take the time to practice the eye exercises everyday and follow a system outlined in the program.

• Take proper care of the eyes-This is just common sense but it’s really astonishing how hugely overlooked this is. The eyes must be looked after by keeping them relaxed, it is essential to keep the eyes calm at all times. Avoid straining the eyes so that they don’t get over-used by cutting down on watching TV, playing video games continuously, reading in the dark. All these activities if combined together in a single day can stress your eyes out. Eyes need rest, go to bed early and try to get a full night’s sleep, you’ll notice a huge difference.

These are just some of the natural remedies to employ, in order to treat astigmatism symptoms that could lead to unnecessary surgery. They can be commonly found and adapted to suit your unique lifestyle whether you lead a busy life or are a stay at home mom with kids. At least, you can now decide if you really need to go to a clinic or hospital to have astigmatism surgery  or try one of the methods above to correct your myopia or hyperopia problem. With natural treatments, you can at least test the waters first to see what works before making a huge decision about having surgery.

The eyes are one of the most precious body organs we have and it’s up to you to make sure they receive the attention they deserve with proper care. When eye symptoms start to develop, it makes sense to visit your eye doctor immediately for proper diagnosis. Do not be afraid of what you will discover with your eyes, because the findings can help you treat your condition at the earliest time possible. Remember to always research properly and seek help from a professional before deciding if you need astigmatism surgery.

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  1. Hope you can give me an answer.. I’m having new lens put in this week, but don’t want astigmatism lens put in. Have never had trouble with astigmatism sight just need lens for reading. Plus a medication changed my vision so can’t get glasses strong enough. Gloria Reeder

    • Hi, Gloria

      You should inform your optometrist about
      this if you haven’t already.

      It’s important they know that you just
      want help with your reading so they can
      create a suitable option for your particular

      Ask them questions for example;

      Why do you think I need a astigmatism lens
      put in?

      What type of astigmatism do you think I have?

      Is it myopic astigmatism, hyperopic astigmatism?

      There are different types and they can
      give you more detailed explanations.

      Even though you’ve said you have never had
      astigmatism it’s always best to double-check.

      Get answers from them and then decide your
      next step.

      Hope this is helpful to you


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