Contacts Lenses For Astigmatism – Do They Really Help?

If you are considering using contacts lenses for astigmatism then this information will be helpful and insightful, you’ll learn a few things not many people consider at all when it comes to protecting their eyesight. You will know the pros and cons of  whether or not contacts for myopia or hyperopia  are really what you need to help with your eye problems or if a much more cost-effective and genuine 100% natural astigmatism treatment program can be tailored towards your personal lifestyle and needs.

Let’s begin with a quick overview of astigmatism and how it affects us all. Astigmatism is a common problem experienced by many of us, most especially those who are aging. It has many different variations and most commonly it’s well known as nearsightedness and farsightedness as well. For many people suffering from this condition, there are various treatments that they can apply to overcome the problem. In this case we’ll be discussing contacts for astigmatism and there pros and cons so you can get a basic understanding of them a little later. Let’s take a quick look at two other options before we dive in to our main content on contacts.

There are some people who like to take advantage of natural remedies, but many would also undergo lasik astigmatism surgery to get rid of the problem faster depending on the severity of the astigmatism. Natural remedies can and do work, for example eye exercises which do take time and effort but can be a worthwhile and a low-cost solution if you find that contacts for astigmatism are expensive for you or if it’s something you are uncomfortable with.

Eye surgery is applicable if you find the problem is at its worst condition and you have no other options, but this treatment is also expensive and should only be taken after very careful consideration as side effects are quite common these days. One of the most popular options for treating  astigmatism symptoms is contact lenses because they are effective in refracting the errors in the eyes quite dramatically and improving your vision quickly but  temporarily.

There are various advantages associated with contact lenses, and these benefits are what make them in demand and popular amongst astigmatism sufferers for astigmatism treatment. Here are some of the advantages of contact lenses:

Very easy to wear- The good thing about contact lenses is that you can wear them quite easily, as compared with a high powered pair of eye glasses, which can sometimes be heavy, depending on the weight of the frame you’ve chosen. The common IOL or intraocular lens regarding contacts can be usually worn by astigmatism sufferers even after a cataract surgery.

Monovision option- Monovision is advanced because one eye can be fitted with a distance lens, while the other eye is fitted with a reading lens. The success rate is from 70-80%. This works for many individuals, but may not be suitable for everyone. It really depends on how poor your vision is in each of your eyes.

Contact lenses for astigmatism are made of water- This means that the contacts can maintain the natural moistness of your eyes and you can avoid the common dryness problem of using the usual contact lenses.

Different colors- Contact lenses can also come in various colors, which would allow you to change your eye color, while correcting your astigmatism. This is perfect if you want to look more attractive and fashionable because these contacts could help enhance the hue of your eyes. There are many ranges of colored contacts available today, you can even have special contacts for seasons like halloween and even UV glow contact lenses.

These are just some of the advantages of wearing contact lenses over eye glasses and traditional contact lenses. These contacts are specially designed and intended for astigmatism problems, which can help you see much more clearly and make you feel much comfortable with your vision.

Disadvantages Of Contacts For Astigmatism

If there are many advantages of wearing contacts for astigmatism, then there are also some disadvantages when you wear contact lenses that you should take into consideration.

You should also be aware of the cons so that you know what to expect when you wear contacts for your eye problems be it presbyopia or astigmatism. Disadvantages of wearing contacts for astigmatism are the following:

Risk of eye infection or other eye problems- Wearing contact lenses can pose a potential risk of eye problems, most especially when the lenses are not kept clean. It should be your responsibility to ensure that your contacts are properly cleaned every day. Dust particles can gather on the surface of the lens and could distort and infect your vision. Store them safely during the night and never wear them when you are sleeping.

Uncomfortable- Most contact lenses are soft and are designed with proper comfort measures to keep the eyes safe and not irritable. However, there are some instances where some contact lenses can be very uncomfortable to wear. When your eyes start to feel dry and irritated, remove the contacts and soak them in a contact lens solution which should be provided for you with the contacts.

Contacts don’t allow proper and natural oxygen to pass to the eyes- If you are wearing contact lenses for astigmatism almost everyday then oxygen and the natural air we breath are not nourishing your eyes in a natural and healthy manner as they should. It is essential not to wear contact lenses when you really don’t need to to. For example, when you are relaxing, overnight when you are sleeping, taking a bath, you get the idea. Depriving your eyes from oxygen could damage and irritate your eyes.

Contact lenses are disposable which means they always have to be replaced- It’s much more costly when wearing contact lenses, compared to wearing eyeglasses. This could be impractical if you are balancing a tight budget because you need to spend money when purchasing contact lenses every single time.

A good option if you want to save money is to try a 100% natural treatment. We recommend a well known, scientifically proven eye exercises program by Dr Janet Goodrich, a leading expert in natural eye improvement. Her programs cover natural eye exercises step by step to help people suffering from various eye conditions. As long as your astigmatism isn’t severe this option could help if you don’t like the idea of wearing contacts for astigmatism for the rest of your life.

In any product be it eye exercises or wearing contacts lenses, there is always a downside, but it shouldn’t stop you from making a much more clearer and informed choice, just be prepared and you won’t feel stuck or clueless. As long as you have the right information and are aware  of what’s best suited to your condition you  will be able to make a better choice for yourself.

Contact lenses for astigmatism are considered one of the easiest and most convenient correction methods for astigmatism and general eye problems there is.  If you are still hesitant in wearing contact lenses, you can seek advice from your eye doctor, they can help you on what contacts you should wear. An eye doctor is the best person to get help from for your myopia or hyperopia problems. Wearing contacts for astigmatism need not be a worry when you have all the facts and are comfortable with their application to your eyes.

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